September 29, 2009

Writing As Healing Workshop

Writing as Healing Workshop

Wednesday November 25th , 6.30-8.30pm,The Feelgood Centre

Ever feel you have something unsaid still locked inside? Then this workshop might be for you. Learn How Writing really can heal your life. Journaling is often overlooked in our busy lives. With a sensitive approach, truthful writing can be used a therapeutic tool to uncover long buried feelings to gain insight, and thus regain power. Writing your way to health is simple, easy and even good fun.

This workshop invites you to explore the true value of how writing unravels problems, first by getting them on to the page. Deeper feelings can come through images and metaphors which should be valued as messages from the unconscious. Writing out your problems on a piece of paper can clear many long-standing issues.

Kieron’s approach to writing is a unique synthesis of ideas about how writing releases emotions, thus clearing the way for self growth. It is based on a variety of methods developed by pioneers in the field such as Julia Cameron, James Pennebaker, Kathleen Adams, and Tristine Rainer. The added bonus is that he also uses techniques from developments in EFT, neuroscience, guided visualisation, lucid dreaming, energy psychology and personal development as aids to discovery.

During the session you will be shown how to:

· become centred and focussed

· visualise through imagery

· write freely without censoring yourself

· release blocked emotions

· clarify long standing or unresolved issues

· be more in contact with your dreams

It is not a standard Creative Writing class but could lead to more confidence to write stories and poetry. Confidentiality and personal boundaries are respected. The workshop is most useful for people who have recently been through a difficult transition, a major illness, relationship break down, or other traumatic experiences. But, since writing can also be a fun activity, it is really open to anyone who feels they have a story they have not yet voiced where writing as the best medium to reveal it.

Kieron is a practising writer of fiction and non fiction. He has taught Creative Writing and has done extensive research into the healing power of writing. He is also a qualified Hypnotherapist and Lightning Process Practitioner.

Tel: 07896 483746

The Feelgood Centre, 34-5, Chiswell Street, London, EC1.

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