October 25, 2009

Is Hypnosis an Altered State?

Latest News on the nature of Hypnosis: Is it an Altered State?

If you are one of the few still wondering if hypnosis is safe and effective, here is a fascinating article. It helps dispel the media-generated myths that have grown around hypnotic trance. It says clearly that hypnosis could be a hitherto unrecognised different state of consciousness, or just a variation on normal waking consciousness. Whichever it is, one thing is sure: our beliefs and expectations colour the outcome yet it is still a state of mind accessible to everyone to be utilized for change. It is elusive to precise scientific definition. Yet, in this state, we can hold two opposing ideas in our minds at the same time; we can enjoy the benefits of a deep slow-cycle brain waves called ‘THETA’ , and far from being a zombie, you are fully aware of the powerful change it can bring about. Let’s hope the research continues…Read the full article at: Hypnos.co.uk

October 10, 2009

Free E-Download Day Brochure

Thanks to Dan Holloway from songs from the other side of the wall for providing this. The Free E Day is the online festival of independent music, literature, and art. The first free e-brochure for the event is now available. You can download it for free at the Free E-Download Day website.

This day is a celebration of all that's free on the internet.

You will also find a link to the Bookbuzzr for the event - the Bookbuzzr is an incredible widget that not only allows you to read the brochure on line in a super-whizzy format, but also enables you to embed it in your social media pages. Any of you who want to share the brochure in this way, that would be fantastic! You can use the Bookbuzzr widget for better ways to read it.
Click "read now" to read in full screen and note that there is a zoom feature if you're having problems with the smaller print.

It includes my Writing as Healing Workshop info. That's on November 25th. Naturally as I'm taking part in this festival, there will be a free download from me of a story called 'Good Walking Mad Morning'. So look out for that.