August 02, 2009

Hypnosis for Finding the Creative Spark

It is often not so easy to find the inner creative self, the part of us that has truckloads of ideas and a pool of answers and solutions. Daily life tends to act as a smokescreen, filtering out the best we are able to think. There are so many distractions to deal with each day that it takes our energy and we forget to breathe and function on a deeper level.

All it takes is some uninterrupted time alone in a quiet place and we can regain that mode of being again. In just a few minutes we can reengage with it, reconnect. Start by slowing down, relaxing, and then listening, watching what is front of you, and the world around you becomes highly sensitized.

These videos are short samplers of what is possible to achieve with just a very light trance. Watch carefully as you can see thoughtful reflections from poet..


If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?

Gerald Jampolsky

A truly creative person rids him or herself of all self-imposed restrictions

Stanley Arnold

Every problem contains within it the seeds of its own solution.

Watch it till the end, preferably with head phones. I hope people find it calming and useful and that it generates the creative spark you need.

It might be an idea to make sure you won't be interrupted for six to ten minutes and perhaps to write down a question that is currently on your mind before you start. Just to see if the answer will come up. Chances are it will.

Here it is on Daily Motion and You Tube Hypnosis for Creative Change.

Have some relaxing fun with it.
Thank you.

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