January 10, 2011

The Waves

Here is a new hypnosis video which uses footage of the sea in Kovalam, Kerala. With background music gratefully acknowledged by Craig Pruess, the Ganesha invocation from the Sacred Chants of Devi.

The quote is from Virgil 'We Make our Destinies by our Choice of Gods'- a favourite of mine and Robert Ohotto's. So it's been on my mind for a while. The question is of course, if thoughts become reality, 'Whose gods are yours?' Which enculturation/indoctrination do we follow. Thoughts are embedded and often very unconscious. Often beliefs are largely unquestioned and largely Judaeo/Christian? Perhaps we should ask and examine these in order to get free of some that are no longer working well for us in today's world and turbulent economy.


It is also a reflection on waves and partly inspired by a quote from the Virginia Woolf book 'The Waves' which is really a prose poem, where the voices ask the stars to 'Consume me'. I just changed it to 'waves', consume me and set me free of the past'.

If you follow the instructions given at the bottom of the video and enter into a light trance, this relaxation feeling is worth practising at any time of day and can be repeated whenever you wish.

During the trance watching the waves fall on the shore, you are encouraged to make a statement of intent, your 'san kalpa' or deep intention, engraving it into the sand and seeing the waves cannot wash this away though everything else comes and goes like a thought on the shore of your mind. If you are not ready the first time; try it a second or third time so you can hold your mind still and firm.

Believe fully that your intention will stick like glue. And it will. Simply because you are addressing a deeper level of mind and sending a firm instruction it is bound to follow.

Hope you find it useful for reconnecting to your true desires for 2011.

Health and Happiness, Peace and Love to all.


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