March 23, 2010

Healing through Writing Workshop, The Feelgood Centre

Wednesday, March 31st, 6.30pm

Ever feel you have something unsaid still locked inside?

Then this workshop might be for you. Learn How Writing really can heal your life. Journaling is often overlooked in our busy lives. With a sensitive approach, truthful writing can be used a therapeutic tool to uncover long buried feelings to gain insight, and thus regain power. Writing your way to health is simple, easy and even good fun.

Kieron’s approach to writing is a unique synthesis of ideas about how writing releases emotions, thus clearing the way for self growth; it is based on a variety of methods developed by pioneers in the field. The added bonus is that he also uses techniques from energy psychology.

During the session you will be shown how to:

• write freely without self censorship
• become centred and focussed
• release blocked emotions
• clarify long standing or unresolved issues
• be more in contact with your dreams

Who is it for?

The workshop is most valuable for people who have recently been through a difficult transition, a major illness, relationship break down, or other traumatic experiences. However because writing can also be a fun activity, it is really open to anyone who feels they have a story they have not yet voiced, or are you just somebody with a story to tell, then writing could be the answer for you.

The Feelgood Centre, 33-34 Chiswell Street, EC1 SFY Barbican or Moorgate Tube
Call 07896 483746

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