April 06, 2006

Life is a Life Poster

Recreating your life as poster sounds good, if you like being a poster. It's all in the IPhoto process, but you can do it with other programmes like Photoshop, and Picasa. It's all thanks to MIKE MATAS has a great idea, do your own life as a life poster, using Iphoto, or photoshop.
With just a grid pattern of photos of all you top moments, enhances the feel good factor. Pick all the brightest and best images, cut, crop, change, or delete the ones that don't make you look fantastic. Even this process of selecting and viewing your imagesof yourself at your best can have a wonderful effect, but it helps to follow through and get the print done.
However, I'm not one to run away from scissors and glue - the alternative, but by now considered old fashioned, method. I love a good cut and paste job. For years, I've been experimenting with PHOTOMONTAGE. I have large montage creations everywhere: on the back of my door, in niches, hidden away in boxes, or in front of me on the desk. Every so often I add or subtract, or paint over them. They represent toil for an image without paint on your fingers. But the life poster changed my mind. I have done others. But I never thought of doing a montage of myself. Most of the digital pictures I have only cover the digital age, the past few years. This means I have to scan all the pics from the pre digital age if I want this to reflect a true history of myself. Meanwhile, let's get started. More to come.