March 20, 2006

River Deep, Mountain High

I was at a Life Coaching Open meeting last night and one of the fun things to do in Life Coaching is the LIFE WHEEL. This is a circle with eight segments each marked on a scale from one to ten of how satisfied you are with those aspects of your life. Fine, I thought, but why does it have to be just geometry and numbers? This is a business person's way of thinking. Another idea is to draw this as a landscape of with a mountain range, or an image of Manhattan with skyscraper blocks competeing for height. Much more fun. Let's say the first mountain is 'My Career', the second is 'My Money'. Are they level or are they mismatched in height? When you compare the height of the trio of mountains 'My health', 'My friends and family' and 'My partner' is should some interesting similarities or anomalies according to where you are right now in life.

So, why not draw a mountain range? It's not a wheel, sure, so it doesn't flow as it's supposed to, but it's just as good for seeing your life in perspective and taking it from there. If you join the dots of the wheel, it becomes more like a wonky wheelchair, not moving you forward, but I prefer the mountains. If they balance each other they seem like a unified range, if not, then maybe they have some more growing to do to assemble themselves in unison. Try it...