February 26, 2006

Some Techniques

You might be asking how and why art heals wounds? We all thought love did that, right? First, I asked myself why do I have wounds in the first place? So you might start thinking along those lines. Where and what are these wounds? What if we feel we haven't got any? How do we know what is to be healed, if we don't even know we are wounded? Some wounds are so deeply hidden, we might have to unmask them, to tease them out of their shell a bit. That's where Emotional Freedom Techniques come in as energy meridian tapping can help to uncover the layers of a problem knotted within. So, it's slow and a sometimes blissful, sometimes painful, often totally surprising uwrapping process.

For me, it's mostly with writing, and an article on fast writing of psychological aspects that got me started on its benefits, but also painting and photography can produce a similar effect. If I were a musician, the healing effect would come through songs.

But I have none to sing for you today.... just a picture to show what I mean